HANP INC. will lead the printing
media in the digital world.

Inspired by the motto "R&D" is our future,
HANP INC. is fully committed to the continuous
development of premium components.

In the current digital information society, printing media using papers are still placed in a critical position.
As a global parts company, HANP INC. produces the core parts and subsidiary materials used in digital output devices, such as OPC DRUM. On the Total Solution Base, the company supplies the produced parts and materials in the domestic and overseas markets.

With HANP INC. OPC DRUM’s own trademarks, HANP INC. produces OPC DRUM, and supply them to the world’s 400 customers through its own independent sales network.
Also, HANP INC. has been recongnized as a professional parts company for the digital output devices, taking the lead of the global market in thems of the best quality, the price competitiveness, customer service, product development power and market share.

Corporate Philosophy

“A global company thinking about people, customer, and the future”

On the basis of human dignity, we respect each other. And with self-control and creativity,
we try hard to achieve self-development, For the calue creation and service for customers,
we work hard to realize our misson as a corporation and increase our vitality with futuristic creativity.

CEO Greeting

“Welcome to your visit to HANP INC. web site”

on the basis of human dignity, we, "HANP INC" people, respect and trust each other, and harmonize with each other, make an effort to achieve self-development freely with creativity, and fulfill their responsibilities to contribute to the growth of the company. In addition, all executives and staff of "HANP INC" do the best to meet the customer requirement, develop the best products, and offer the great service to customers, by always bearing in mind that customers' profits and satisfaction are equal to "HANP INC"'s profits and advancement.
"OPC Drum" will continue to research and develop 'Toner' for laser printers, and invest into facilities in order to supply 'Toner' suitable for 'Drum' and provide quality assurance and convenience. Also, we will develop and produce 'Chip' with our own technology in order to supply highly qualified products on time, and enhance our total solution system in order to supply 'Roller' and 'Blade' at the same time. Based on the eco-friendly and ethical management philosophy, "HANP INC" will fulfill its corporate responsibilities in the society, take care of the health and safety of employees, and improve technologies and productivity in order to lead the market and offer the best service to customers by supplying the highly qualified products with the best competitiveness.

Thank you.

Sales Countries

We, HANP INC., are always with our customers.

The global enterprise HANP INC. put forth effects to create better vale.
With ceaseless investment and R&D, HANP INC.
achieves tectnological innovation.